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Alcohol detox
Alcohol detox

Alcohol Detox Centres. We have five residential rehab centres in the UK all at low cost treatment, but still achieving an 85% success rate. I am always being asked how long will an alcohol detox take? There are many factors which govern how long a medical detox will take which I have listed below. The most common amount of time an alcohol detox will generally take is between 7 and 12 days. So what governs the length of time for an alcohol detox?

CThe clients age
The clients weight
How much the client is drinking on a daily bases
What the client is drinking, ie, beer, Vodka, wine etc
How long the client has been drinking for. ie, 3 years, 20 years, 6 months etc
The clients physical health

Alcohol Detox Centres. There are other factors, but this just brushes over a few. You must also remember an alcohol detox does not cure you from an addiction. All an alcohol detox does is remove the alcohol from the body in a safe medical way. Never attempt to detox yourself as it can be fatal. It is common for it to lead to a seizure or a fit etc. Always seek medical help first.

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